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Prizes and Scholarships



Centenary Prize in History and History Centenary Premia

To commemorate the centenary of the Department of History in 2012-13, a capital fund was established to provide in perpetuity (i) a prize to be awarded annually to final-year History students in any faculty under the new four-year undergraduate curriculum, and (ii) premia to be awarded to recipients of the Centenary Prize in History who later choose to pursue postgraduate research studies in History. The prize of $2,000 shall be awarded to the student attaining the best result in History among the final-year students from all faculties taking the major in History.

Chong Chi Kong Prize in History

Awarded each year to the student with the best result in History at the B.A. First Examination.

Evergreen Scholarships

Three scholarships of the value of $10,000 each shall be available for award every year starting from the 2000-01 academic year to second-year B.A. students who are majoring in History and intend to complete their degree with a specialization in History. The scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit, and are renewable during the scholars' third year of undergraduate study upon demonstration of good academic achievement.

George Endacott Prize in History

In 2007, to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the re-establishment of the Department of History after the Second World War, the teachers and former teachers of the Department donated a History prize in memory of George B. Endacott (ob. 1971), Lecturer (1946-57) and Senior Lecturer (1957-62) in History. Mr Endacott was responsible, virtually single-handedly, for the re-establishment of the History Department in 1946 and continued to teach in the Department until he took up an appointment as Secretary of the University Appointments Service in 1962. His main research interest was in the area of Hong Kong history, which he established as a respectable field of scholarship in the 1950s. This prize seeks to perpetuate the memory of a man who did much to re-establish the Department of History as one of the principal teaching and research units in the Faculty of Arts during the 1950s.


A donation of approximately $7,000 to $11,000 will be donated annually (in which $1,000 will be awarded as the prize) for the academic year 2006-07 till 2008-09, while the remaining donation will be used as a capital fund.

Huey Suen Fat Prize in History

Awarded to a third-year student with the best result in History among those taking at least 48 credits in History.

Dr. John D. Young Memorial Scholarship
In 1996, friends and students of the late Dr. John D. Young raised a fund for the establishment of a scholarship for award to a research postgraduate student whose field of study is in Hong Kong history.
Peter Deli Fund for European Travel Grants
This fund has been established recently in memory of Peter Deli who taught in the Department for 26 years (1974-2001). Awards will be made to History majors who wish to travel to Europe.


Details of Faculty and University awards are available in Prizes, Scholarships, Bursaries, Loans, which can be consulted either in the Registry or Faculty offices.

Wang Gungwu Prizes
In February 2013, Professor Wang Gungwu, former Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong, generously donated a sum of HK$100,000 (matched under the Sixth Round of the Government Matching Scheme) to establish two prizes at the Department of History for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, Professor Wang wished to re-designate the balance of the "Professor Wang Gungwu Loan Fund", which he supported in 1992, to this prize fund.

Wang Gungwu Prize for Undergraduate Students in History
Each year, a cash prize of $2,000 shall be awarded to a graduating BA student with a specialization in history who has achieved the best overall performance throughout his/her studies. A maximum of two awards with the value of $2,000 each may be made in any year when two candidates are judged to be of equal merits.

Wang Gungwu Prize for Postgraduate Students in History
Each year, a cash prize of $5,000 shall be awarded to a research postgraduate student with the best thesis. A maximum of two awards with the value of $5,000 each may be made in any year when two candidates are judged to be of equal merits.


Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Sibony, Undergraduate Coordinator Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Sibony
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