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Dr. Dave Macri
Visiting Assistant Professor Dave Macri


BA York (Toronto), MA Wilfrid Laurier, PhD HKU

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Much of my work has been dedicated to the study of international relations and military history both in North America and China, with the Second World War being my primary area of interest. I have written about the war in a number of publications but I have also served in the Canadian military for a period of three years at the end of the Cold War. More recently, I joined the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii as an investigation leader and unit historian. While there, I assisted in locating missing American war dead from the Second World War so that remains could be returned to families in the United States. Field work included deployment to Papua New Guinea. Since 2013 I have been the Senior Research Fellow at St. John's College, HKU.




Current Research Projects


My current work builds on previous publications. The second volume of the history of St. John's College (HKU) is my primary focus, but another book on the Second World War in China and the South China Sea is also progressing steadily.






Clash of Empires in South China

Clash of Empires in South China: The Allied Nations' Proxy War with Japan, 1935-1941


"This book offers a massively researched and splendidly narrated history of Hong Kong and its immediate vicinities (such as Canton) during the China-Japan war. Because Hong Kong was a British colony, the fighting in southern China inevitably affected Japanese relations with Britain, and, increasingly, British relations with the United States as the two powers slowly emerged as the key partners for the defense of China. Steadily, other nations such as the Soviet Union and Canada were drawn into the drama. This complex diplomatic and military story is presented with admirable clarity so that the reader gets a very good sense of the step-by-step road to the final break between Japan and the United Kingdom as well as of the passing of an era (British and Japanese predominance) and the coming of a new stage in Asian-Pacific history in which China and the United States would emerge as the major players. In short, the book presents the best available international history of Hong Kong during the China-Japan war."


- Akira Iriye, Harvard University

Legacy from the Hill: The Early Years of St. John's College


This book examines the origins of St. John's Hall as the first residential hall of the University of Hong Kong in 1912, and follows its development through the next four decades. St. Stephen's Hall for women is also included in this study as both of these facilities were combined in the 1950s to establish St. John's College in its current location on Pokfulam Rd. The institution's history will continue from this point in volume two.

Legacy from the Hill

Port Elgin's War

Port Elgin's War: A History of a Canadian Town and the 98 (Bruce) Anti-tank Battery during the Second World War


Port Elgin's War explores the impact of the Second World War on a small Ontario town, and provides a snapshot of how a segment of English Canadian society was affected by and responded to the challenges of total war. Part of the book also analyses the operational effectiveness of the 98th Anti-tank Battery in Italy; a unit comprised of volunteers from Port Elgin and Bruce County.

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  • HIST2107 The Second World War in Asia and the Pacific


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Port Elgin's War Book
Port Elgin's War: A History of a Canadian Town and the 98 (Bruce) Anti-tank Battery during the Second World War


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