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History Society



The History Society, the representational body of History students, was established in 1949. It organizes numerous activities of a social, athletic, and academic nature. In addition, the Society publishes the History Society Journal, consisting of student essays together with contributions from postgraduate students and staff.




  1. To promote history among students;
  2. To promote friendship among History students;
  3. To improve the communication between History Teaching Staff and History students;
  4. To assist in the communication between History students and Arts Association, Hong Kong University Students' Union (A.A.H.K.U.S.U.).


Elections are held every autumn. The current officers of the Society are:


Session 2018-19

Wong Ho Yee, Fara

Internal Vice-Chairperson

Poon Lok Yiu, Renee

External Vice-Chairperson

Leung Yik Yin, Hugo

General Secretary

Leung Hao Wei, Vanessa

Financial Secretary

Yam Pak Hin, Hin

Academic Secretary

Chan Yik Hang, Eric

External Secretary


Publication Secretary

Pei Sai Yan, Victoria

Publicity Secretary

Leung Yik Yin, Hugo

Welfare Secretary

Yeung Kai Wing, Carol

1st Year Representatives

Poon Lok Yiu, Renee; Leung Hao Wei, Vanessa

2nd to 4th Year Representative

Hu Shek Pang, Frank


Contact HiSo


Society Room: Room 1A09m, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre

Facebook Page:



Download  Download 2016-17 Session Information here

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