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There will be 11 large lecture meetings supporting this course. Each meeting will last 2 hours. The interactive large group lectures will provide the historical knowledge of the period and an introduction to its key controversies and arguments. They will also provide guidance on how to complete the assessment for the course.

The lectures will take place during class time in the double session on Fridays. They will take place in room CPD-LG.09 on Friday from 9:30-11:20.

Full details on the lectures as well as supporting materials can be found in the Course Schedule.

Seminars (Great Debates)

the course unpacks three essential themes in the history of the modern world in greater depth and detail, through three small group seminar sessions, organised as Great Debates. These allow you to play the role of real historical actors in different scenarios. In each scenario you will have a character to inhabit, a special role to play, a mission to accomplish or a position to defend. It will be up to you to work together with your teammates and use the materials provided to make the most convincing argument in order to win the debate. But watch out! Your classmates will also be coming along prepared to counter your arguments as effectively as they can. For further information relating to how to prepare for Great Debates and what is expected please click here.

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