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Course Assessment

Grade Descriptors
Me in the Modern World Assignment
One Sentence Response

The course is assessed entirely on the basis of your course work.
There is NO examination. To complete the course you must submit one essay, one 'me in the modern world' assignment, participate in the seminars (great debates), and complete the one sentence response exercises.


The major written assignment for the course will be

(1) Essay due by midnight on Friday 11 May (i.e. midnight between 11 and 12 May)
(2) Me in the Modern World Assignment due by midnight on Friday 27 April (i.e. midnight between 27 and 28 April)

Please note: PLAGIARISM will attract heavy penalties


The assessment grade weighting is as follows:

Essay - 40%
Me in the Modern World Assignment - 30%
Seminar Participation (Great Debates) - 10%
One Sentence Response - 20%

Grade Descriptors

For grade descriptors click the following links:

Me in the Modern World Assignment
Seminar Particiation (Great Debates)
One Sentence Response


The essay offers you a chance to test out, or refine, your skill at writing. It can therefore act as a springboard for the experience of writing essays in your second and third year.

So, you will be required to write one essay. There is no formal word limit but the essay must be between 2-3,000 words in length. It is due on 11 May. The essay is worth 40% of the total grade for the course. We have 'essay doctors' to help and advise as you prepare your final submission.

How do I Choose a Question?

First, choose an essay from the list. It is entirely up to you as to whether you choose a set question, or whether you attempt a topic of your own choice.

If you would like to design your own question please signal your intent to do so by e-mailing me by Friday 23 February. Please NOTE: No applications for self-designed questions will be received after this date. Please also kindly NOTE: once I have received notice of your intention to design your own question the question must be submitted to me for final approval. An essay written on a question which has not received approval from me will receive an F grade.

How do I plan and prepare the essay?

Please see the full guide here

Me in the Modern World Assignment

The 'Me in the Modern World' Study provides an opportunity for you to reflect upon the relevance of the history of the Modern World to your own life and the lives of your own family members.

Through providing this opportunity for self-reflection the study provides a unique insight into the power of history, its ability to situate the individual and to allow those aware of this to empower themselves through knowledge of their own position in relation to the events discussed throughout the semester.

The Me in the Modern World Assignment is worth 30% of the total grade for the course.

How do I plan and prepare the Me in the Modern World Assignment?

Please see the full guide here.

One Sentence Response

During the lecture meetings I will pose questions designed to elicit a response from you in class. To complete this written exercise, simply answer the question concisely, critically and analytically in the space available by writing on the slip provided, and put this into the box which will be made available in the classroom.

A one sentence response slip will be provided in each of the meetings. Your final grade will be an aggregate of the grades for each response in all lectures which follow the add-drop period.

These one sentence responses together will be worth 20% of the total grade for the course. Contact me any time to find out your aggregate grade or to discuss your performance in the exercise.

You must submit:

(a) one hard copy to the box provided in the lecture room during each lecture

Seminar Participation (Great Debates)

How do I plan and prepare to participate in the Seminars? Please see the full guide here

Your performance in the seminars is worth 10% of the final grade.

All written work has to be submitted in two places:

(a) HARD COPY - to Department Office
(b) SOFT COPY - to

Further instruction on how to submit a copy of your essay, or me in the modern world assignment to will be provided closer to the deadline.


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