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Our Common Core Teaching



Launched in 2012, the HKU Common Core Curriculum is a series of interdisciplinary courses across four Areas of Inquiry, aiming at enabling our students to broaden their intellectual horizons and their understanding of local, regional and global developments.


The following are the Common Core courses coordinated and taught by staff members of the History Department:



Common Core Courses

CCGL9003 Contagions: Global Histories of Disease (Global Issues)


CCHU9002 Battles for Bodies: The Birth of the Surveillance Society (Humanities)



Making History: Engaging with the Powerful Past (Humanities)


CCHU9043 Rethinking Women: The Big Debates (Humanities)

What's Up?
Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens with Dr. Staci Ford et al.
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Dr. Peter Cunich Dr. Peter Cunich receieves the Knowledge Exchange Awards 2012.
Dr. Robert Peckham Dr. Robert Peckham receives the Outstanding Teaching Award 2012.
Prof. David M Pomfret Prof. David M Pomfret receieves the UGC Teaching Award 2012.