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Dr. Bert Becker Dr. Peter Cunich Dr. Staci Ford Dr. Dave Macri Prof. John Carroll, Postgraduate Coordinator Dr. Oscar Sanchez-Sibony, Undergraduate Coordinator Prof. David Pomfret, Department Chairperson Dr. Patricia Chiu Dr. Francois Dremeaux Dr. Elizabeth LaCouture Prof. Frank Dikotter Prof. Charles Schencking Dr. Birget Schneider Dr. Aurelio Insisa Dr. Carol Tsang Dr. Perry Johansson Prof. Larry McAndrews Dr. Robert Peckham Prof. Xu Guoqi Mr. Andy Leung, Clerk Ms. Wilhelmina Ko, Teaching Demonstrator


1st State Exam Bochum, PhD Bochum, Habilitation (DPhilHabil.) Rostock
Prof. John M. CARROLL
Postgraduate Coordinator
BA Oberlin, MA Iowa, PhD Harvard
Dr. Patricia P.K. CHIU
DipCS, MCS Regent, MA CUHK, PhD Cantab
Dr. Peter CUNICH
BA, Dip Ed NE, MA Syd, PhD Cantab
Prof. Frank DIKÖTTER
BA, MA Geneva, PhD Lond, FRHistS
Dr. François DRÉMEAUX
MSc, MPhil, PhD Angers
Dr. Staci FORD
BA Brigham Young, Ed M Harvard, Ed D Columbia, PhD HK
Dr. Aurelio INSISA
BA, MA Sapienza University of Rome; PhD HKU
BA Lund; MA (History), MA (Education), PhD, Stockholm
Dr. Elizabeth LaCOUTURE
BA Barnard College, Columbia; MIA, MA, MPhil, PhD Columbia
Dr. Dave MACRI
BA York (Toronto), MA Wilfrid Laurier, PhD HKU
Prof. Larry McANDREWS
BA Notre Dame, MA Millersville, PhD Georgetown
Dr. Robert PECKHAM
Director, Centre for the Humanities and Medicine
BA, PhD London
Prof. David POMFRET
Department Chairperson

BA, PhD Nottingham
Undergraduate Coordinator and Chief Examiner
BA Northwestern, MA, PhD Chicago
Prof. Charles SCHENCKING
BA Western Washington, MA Hawaii, PhD Cantab
MA Leipzig, PhD WSU
Dr. Carol TSANG
BA, M.Phil, PhD HKU
Prof. XU Guoqi
BA Anhui Normal, MA Nankai, PhD Harvard
Mr. Andy LEUNG
Administrative Executive
Ms. Wilhelmina KO
Teaching Demonstrator
BA, MPhil HKU; MSc Edinburgh


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Note Undergraduate Coordinator

Note Postgraduate Coordinator


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Highlights of the Month
Award Awards
Prof. Chalres Schencking
Prof. Schencking has received the 2017 Faculty Knowledge Exchange Prize.
Award Awards
Prof. David Pomfret
Prof. Pomfret has been awarded the 2017 Grace Abbott Book Prize.