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Dr. Darinee Alagirisamy
Honorary Assistant Professor Darinee Alagirisamy


BA Hons. (NUS); MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

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Research Projects | Publications


Dr. Darinee Alagirisamy assists with the teaching of the Common Core module, "Making History: Engaging with the Powerful Past". She received her MPhil and PhD degrees from Cambridge University, where she developed a keen interest in the transnational circulation of ideas and movements relating to social reform in British Asia. Her publications examine various facets of the politics of reform in late colonial India and Malaya, including the meanings that different social groups attached to 'progress' and 'uplift,' and the impact of elite initiatives on everyday life in the colonies.




Current Research Projects


Darinee is developing her doctoral dissertation into a monograph that will uncover the hidden history of Indian Prohibition. She is concurrently investigating sources for another project, also inspired by her doctoral research, that aims to revisit the relationship between the colonial state, labour management, and temperance reform in British Asia.






"The Self-Respect Movement and Tamil Politics of Belonging in Interwar British Malaya, 1929-1939," Modern Asian Studies (March 2015).


Review Article of Andrew C. Willford's Tamils and the Haunting of Justice: History and Recognition in Malaysia's Plantations, in Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia (July 2016).


"Toddy, Race, and Urban Space in Colonial Singapore, 1900-1959," Modern Asian Studies (forthcoming 2018).