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From our unique vantage point in the Hong Kong SAR we enjoy the academic freedom necessary to produce world-leading and internationally acclaimed research in History. Our areas of specialist research are diverse and span a variety of fields. We have expertise in European, Asian, American and Russian history but we also specialise in thematic histories with an inter-disciplinary orientation such as health and medicine, childhood and youth, social and cultural history, gender, heritage and urban history. A key strength is our collective engagement with methodologies and approaches foregrounding international, and transnational perspectives, and histories of connections between China, and Asia more broadly and other parts of the world.


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What's Up?
Dr. Robert Peckham Dr. Robert Peckham has received an Outstanding Paper Award at the Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference.
Prof. Frank Dikötter Prof. Frank Dikötter received an honorary doctorate from Leiden University.
Prof. Xu Guoqi Prof. Xu Guoqi is awarded the HKU Outstanding Researcher Award 2014-15.
Dr. Priscilla Roberts Dr. Priscilla Roberts is awarded the SAGE Prize for Best International Journal Article on International Affairs 2015.