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Research Seminars



The Department holds regular Research Seminars where staff, students and visitors share their latest researches with the wider academic and outside community at HKU. All are welcome.

Research Seminars are indicated with Research Seminar icon and Graduate Research Seminars Graduate Research Seminar icon.

Semester 2
30 May

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Nirmola Sharma
, (University of Delhi), "Indian Associations in Wartime China"

18 May

Research Seminar
Mr. Florence Lo and Mr. Garfield Lam
, (HSBC), "Research at HSBC Archives"

12 May

Research Seminar
Dr. Haydon Cherry
, (Northwestern University), "The Limits of my Language Are the Limits of My World: Đào Duy Anh and the Vocabulary of Vietnamese Marxism"

4 May

Graduate Research Seminar
Mr. Freddie Stephenson
, (University of Nottingham), "Epidemic Responses at the Edges of Empire: the Bubonic Plague in Hong Kong and Shanghai"

25 Apr

Research Seminar
Dr. Christos Lynteris
, (University of Cambridge), "A Panoply of Reason: Anti-Epidemic Masks as Visual and Material Technologies"

20 Apr

Research Seminar
Dr. Sarah Ghabrial
, (Columbia University in the City of New Work), "Colonial Law, the Muslim 'Family,' and Women’s Litigation in Algeria, 1870-1930"

30 Mar

Research Seminar
Dr. Selina Lai-Henderson
, (School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU), "Riddle of the Universe:" Rethinking Race, Gender, and Transnationalism through W.E.B. Du Bois's Encounters in China"

28 Mar

Research Seminar
Ms. Julia Bowes
(Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey), "Every family is a little state or empire": Paternal Sovereignty and the Transformation of Governance in the Nineteenth Century United States"

28 Mar

Research Seminar
Dr. Mark Honigsbaum
, (Wellcome Research Fellow; Queen Mary University London), "Between Securitisation and Neglect: Managing Ebola at the Borders of Global Health"

2 Mar

Research Seminar
Dr. Quinn Slobodian
, (Wellesley College; HKU), "Milton Friedman's Colony: How Neoliberals Made Hong Kong the Measure of the World"

9 Feb

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Florence Mok
, (University of York), "Rethinking the Impact of the 'Touch Base' Policy on the Formation of Hong Kong Identity, c. 1967-1980"

19 Jan

Research Seminar
Dr. Fabio Lanza
, (University of Arizona), "Taking 'China' Seriously: Global Maoism and Asian Studies in the Long Sixties"

Semester 1
15 Dec

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Vivian Kong
, (University of Bristol), "To Make a British Crown Colony White': The League of British Whites and the British community in 1930s Hong Kong"

1 Dec

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Meg Kanazawa
, (University of Exeter), "Historicising AIDS in India"

24 Nov

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Darinee Alagirisamy
, (University of Cambridge), "The Limits of Total Prohibition in the Madras Presidency, 1937-1943"



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